How do I download the podcasts?

There are several different ways to download the podcasts on this site.  If you wish to download each podcast individually, it’s really simple.  Go to the player and click on the episode you wish to download.  There will be a circle with three dots that you can click on which looks like this: 

Simply click it to begin your download. You can also subscribe to each podcast through iTunes, Spreaker, or other podcast apps.  When a show adds a new episode, you will automatically get the new episode right to your device.

How do I subscribe to podcasts?

There are several different places that you can subscribe to our shows.  Each show is listed individually on several different platforms.  This allows you to subscribe to the shows you’re interested in and skip the ones that don’t catch your interest.

Subscribing through Spreaker
Spreaker is where we host all of our podcasts.  You can visit their site directly, or you can download their app from the Apple and Android app stores.  Simply search for the show you wish to subscribe to and once it appears in the results, hit the subscribe button.  When a new episode is posted, it will automatically sync to your Spreaker account, meaning you never miss a show.

Subscribing through iTunes
Each show is listed on iTunes individually.  Simply search iTunes for the show you want to subscribe to and once it shows up in the results, hit the subscribe button.  When a new episode is posted, it will automatically download to your iTunes library for easy listening no matter where you are.

Subscribing through other apps
If you have another app that you like to use to listen to your podcasts, all of our shows should be available there as well.  Simply search for our show and once it appears in the results, hit the subscribe button.  If you are using an app and do not see the PodBash shows listed, contact us by email to let us know at contact@podbash.com.

How do I submit a podcast to be on PodBash?

Do you have a really great idea for a show?  We’re always looking for new, high quality content to be a part of PodBash.  When someone contacts us about doing a show we generally tell them to do one or two pilot episodes.  PodBash managment will listen and review your show then we will contact you to let you know if it is a show that we would be interested in having as part of our network.  Sometimes we will have suggestions on how to make the podcast a little cleaner or tighter before we can accept the submission and add the show to our lineup.

I want to advertise on or sponsor PodBash, do you have any business opportunities?

We are certainly looking into offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities here on PodBash.  If you are a business owner who would like to know more, please contact us at contact@podbash.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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