Retired Shows

This is the graveyard for all of our old shows.  There are several shows here that have been retired, but the episodes are still available for you to listen to and download.  Some of these shows may have been just a one off series for a special event, while others simply just didn’t make it past the first few episodes.  It is always possible that some of these shows may be revived and in that case, they will be moved to their own proper page and get the attention they deserve.  Until that time they’ll live here, gone but not forgotten.


The FantasyCon podcast was a series that we did in preparation for the first ever FantasyCon that was held in Salt Lake City in July of 2014.  In these podcasts we talk to the FantasyCon organizers about what to expect out of the convention, the guests they scheduled to attend, and what made FantasyCon different from other conventions out there.



Yet to be Named Paranormal Show

The short lived Yet to be Named Paranormal Show never even got around to having a proper name.  It was meant to be a show about ghosts, aliens, cryptids, and whatever else there is lurking in the shadows of this world.  It was headed by Ben Hansen from Fact or Faked: the Paranormal Files, and Chunga.  While this show only produced two episodes, they are a lot of fun, and maybe, just maybe there will be another paranormal show with Ben Hansen in the future, and if we are lucky, it might even get a proper name.

Episode One
Episode Two





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