Dark Andy

Andy or Dark Andy if you follow the Bash Music chat, hosts The Park Hoppers podcast with his sassy wife Erin. This power couple love all things Disney and Disneyland. It is their personal mission to make your next visit to the land of D better. To say he is obsessed with Disney is somewhat of an understatement, weather he is planning their next trip, giving Disney advise on FaceBook, prepping the next episode of the Park Hoppers, watching ride throughs on YouTube or devouring audio books about Walt Andy finds ways to scratch that itch. This black belt air guitarist is an automotive enthusiast who once upon a time turned wrenches for a living. Andy is known for his vocal impressions both celebrity and original characters. As one of the husbands of the Life On The Rocks, Please divas he is sometimes featured as the voice of the mail perspective, along with Josh and Kevin.

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