Castle has been researching the paranormal for over thirty years. His interest was kindled and research started when he was a child after several experiences while attending his grade school which was built in 1901, and several experiences at his great aunt’s home where he spent much of his childhood. This research continued through his teen years and is ongoing.

Castle joined the US Army at age seventeen and served eight years. Castle is currently working in law enforcement with over eighteen years experience in various assignments including SVU detective, and as a supervisor. Castle investigated both child physical and sexual abuse as well as sex crimes against adults while serving as a detective. It’s because of his professional need to keep his occupation separate from his paranormal research that Castle uses a pseudonym instead of his given name.

Castle’s primary area of interest and research are those cases which many teams consider too dark or too dangerous to investigate. Castle and the team specialize in these cases and find satisfaction and fulfillment in helping clients dealing with those types of situations.

While working with SVU victims Castle was assigned to a multi-agency task force and was frequently partnered with Ben Hansen, prior to Ben’s departure from law enforcement on the State level to work for the FBI, and later in television as the host of from Syfy’s Fact or Faked. Castle and Ben have since collaborated on paranormal investigations together. When Ben is in the Salt Lake area he and Castle often investigate together.
Castle frequently works with and investigates with his friend Jimmy Chunga, a former radio personality, music producer, and touring DJ. Castle has investigated many times with Brendan Cook, who is an EVP pioneer and has been featured on the Art Bell Show, and Coast to Coast AM. Castle has also investigated with Jay Verburg (Syfy’s Ghost Mine), Susan Slaughter (Ghost Hunter’s International), Joe Chin (Ghost Hunter’s International), and Scott Gruenwald (Paranormal Paparazzi).

Castle has been invited on and interviewed on radio programs, and has been featured in magazine articles including City Weekly, and Paranormal Veracity Magazine. Castle and the lead team also produce a bi-monthly podcast with the Podbash Network where they discuss case studies, news in the paranormal field, and seek to educate and entertain

Castle officially founded WISPS in 2013.

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