Gregg Paschall


Gregg is the host of Gregg’s Guide to New Music. As lifelong music fan, Gregg has had a passion and a great appreciation for music in its many different forms. Gregg is an admitted band geek, having played various musical instruments (Baritone, Sousaphone, Tuba, Bass, and Guitar) in the concert and Jazz band at Kearns Jr. High. Gregg’s passion for music is also how he met his good friend and fellow Podcaster Jimmy Chunga, with whom Gregg worked with at the radio station 101.9 The End. After the demise of The End, Gregg joined forces with Jimmy Chunga and fellow podcasters at PodBash. Now Gregg shares his love of awesome music with listeners and friends. Gregg has also resurrected SoBIG (So Bad It’s Good) a movie podcast all about watching really terrible movies.

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