Lara (The Inappropriate Shenanigator) is a mid-thirties firecracker who lost the memo she’s supposed to be “mature” by now.  Married to a sexy Italian guy named Kevin, they’re the parents of three gloriously crazy offspring.  With only a year and a half age difference between their oldest son and their twins, it’s no wonder during the sleep-deprivation years Lara forgot to grow up, per say.  Lara’s other children include two Mustangs, Ranger and Ronin, four dogs, a kitty, bearded dragon, lots of chickens, two naughty ducks, and a turkey named Mr. Gobbles.  She also has a pear tree, but as far as she knows, there isn’t a partridge living in it.   Lara is well known for laughing at inappropriate times and has a severe lack of inner monologue, which has been both a blessing and a curse while navigating the whole adulthood thing.  Lara also has a great interest in the paranormal field, which will be discussed frequently on the show.  Other interests are piano, writing, riding her handsome ponies, and pretty much anything involving an adrenaline rush.

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