Inspiration hit Jeff in 2005 when he was motivated to begin a profession as a funeral director. This career choice was not spurred on by morbid curiosity, but felt rather more like a spiritual calling instead. Never would he have believed it if he had been told while young that one day he would become a mortician, helping families cope with the transition of losing a loved one and celebrating the significance of a life well lived. Fueled by a strong religious background, Jeff finds comfort in knowing where he will be going when the time comes to leave this mortal existence—and although he may not be afraid of death, he still has a lot of living to do. This unusual choice of vocation helped to earn him the nickname, “Lurch” from his fellow investigators in WISPS.

Jeff has always had a natural curiosity for the paranormal, and was constantly researching anything pertaining to the subject. By coincidence, one evening Jeff was flipping through the TV channels and came across one of those “ghost hunting” shows. Before that moment, he had never heard of an EVP or even knew it was possible to measure spirit activity. The concept of using science and technology to investigate the unknown was fascinating to him. He’s been hooked ever since.

These days, when not helping WISPS on ghost investigations, Jeff enjoys reading, watching movies, fantasizing about his next Disneyland vacation and geeking out over Star Wars. He’s also an avid marathon runner, chess player and drummer. After ten years as a funeral director he recently decided to change professions, returning to school to study software engineering and programming. Jeff has been married since 2007 and has three amazing children.



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