Matt Smith

Matt is the resident “Game Expert” at the PodBash Network, and has been playing video gamesever since he can remember. He has been calling himself a gamer and a game expert since high school. For almost ten years hehas been reviewing video games in different capacities.


His experience with video games and consoles/systems dates all the way back to the Atari 2600. Throughout his life he, or his family, has owned every console and handheld system that has been released. His opinion on all different kinds of video games has been helping people spend their money more wisely than he has since his time in high school. For almost six years he worked at a video game store, where he not only helped people get the right entertainment for them, but also created an environment where anyone who plays video games, from the very young to the elderly, felt like his store was a place where they were welcome and accepted. This has extended to each new workplace and now includes the PodBash community!


At this current point in time, he has a podcast, LvL 22, where, along with DJ Spinari, he helps everyone choose what is best for them to spend their hard earned gaming funds. In the near future, he hopes to start both a YouTube channel and channel, where you will be able to watch him play newly released games and his immediate reactions to them. You will also be able to find his written reviews on the biggest games and events right here on PodBash! Matt Smith resides in a beautiful desert valley next to a giant salty lake.


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