The OH (Original Host) Schwendi has been interested in preparedness as long as he could remember. Whether it was having backpacks of toys ready for evacuation or learning survival skills in the scouts, he has always been drawn to the idea of being ready. This interest was taken to new levels when a small earthquake made him realize that he and his wife were not fully prepared to take care of themselves.

Since then he has written multiple articles on preparedness, maintained a not so popular YouTube channel and improved his family’s preparedness situation by a lot… this makes him an almost expert…

Beyond being a podcaster and a preparedness enthusiast, Schwendi is also a student of journalism and media production, as well as an aspiring video producer. If he has the spare time he is also a big fan of Xbox and movies. After the other original host left the show, Schwendi was pleased to find cohosts in Kelly and Spencer who help to bring the fun style and added expertise to the podcast.

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