The Wasatch Investigative Society for Paranormal Studies not only has the most difficult name to remember, they also have a really great podcast talking about the paranormal.  Join Castle and the gang each week as they talk about investigations, paranormal research, and share some of their evidence with you.


(left to right) Silent Don, DeAnn, Tim, Castle, Lurch, Peaches

The Wasatch Investigative Society for Paranormal Studies (WISPS) Team was founded in 2013 by Castle, and DeAnn. WISPS is an active paranormal Team that covers the Wasatch Front, but has also been active outside of Utah. The team focuses on residential cases, and specializes in negative or demonic based hauntings. In 2015 the team started the WISPS SHOW podcast where they talk about their cases, paranormal safety, crystals, witchcraft, voodoo, or anything else that touches on paranormal or the metaphysical.  DeAnn and Castle are joined by fellow investigators and hosts Tim, Lurch, Silent Don, and Peaches the team medium.  The show is a mix of creepy, documentary, and comedy.


The WISPS Team also leads and coordinates the PodBash public ghost investigations where listeners are encouraged to come and collect their own evidence and get to meet the hosts from the other PodBash shows.


Playful, sexy, Lurch


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